We had another great team building event! This summer activity took place at an extraordinary location, Casa Vlasia, that accommodated everybody for the outdoor activities.

Once we arrived there, each participant had to put on their back a sticker with a celebrity name on it. They had to interact with others to find out which celebrity they had. Each celebrity corresponded to a team. There were 18 teams: Kim Kardashian, 2Pac, Napoleon, Beyonce, Donald Trump, Captain Planet, Seinfeld, The Rock, Bill Gates, Prince, Einstein, Oprah, Elon Musk, Simona Halep, Thor, Elsa, Michael Jackson, Ion Creanga.

Each team installed the Go Game on their phone to guide them during the challenges.

There were various missions like:

  • Trivia questions;
  • Logical/Mathematical questions;
  • Get secret codes from external participants;
  • Taking pictures of specific actions or situations;
  • Creating videos of specific situations;
  • Battle missions with other teams from the team;

The objective of the game was to gather as many points and complete as many missions as possible. On top of team specific objective, as a group, we had to collect 15.000 points to win the game.

Our top team were:

1st Place – Kim Kardashian

2nd Place – 2Pac

3rd Place – Napoleon

We also reached the collective objective of 15.000 points!

The Summer Team building event was a very fun activity that gave us the chance to meet and interact with colleagues from all our teams and departments. Get to better known each other and enjoy a nice Friday outside the office.

We also had a very tasteful lunch, some free time to enjoy the view and relax under the sun.