The Orthodox Christian Easter was celebrated on April 28th. For this occasion, our Fun@Work Committee organizes an Egg Hunt to create a holiday jolly good mood throughout the employees.

More than 40 participants were divided into 6 teams. Participants met in the Relaxation Room where they had to draw a piece of colored paper to determine their team.

The first challenge was a quiz with Easter related questions. Once a team had all the answers, a designated player had them validated by a Fun@Work Committee. Only if all the answers were correct, the team could go on to the second task. If not, then the team was sent back and had to come up the correct answer.

The second task was a little bit challenging – popping lots and lots of colored balloons in order to find clues. These clues were written in different languages and the participants had to translate them in order to find out where to look for their eggs! This led the teams to their third and final challenge – the Egg Hunt!

Each team had to find its 6 paper eggs in the color of their team in order to win. Some of the participants gathered eggs in other colors and we encouraged them to bargain and trade to obtain the eggs they needed! In the end, we had 3 winning teams who received Easter themed sweets!