Today, we celebrate 5 years!

We have opened our Financial Shared Services Center in Bucharest December 2014.

We organized an amazing party held at our office for the occasion of the celebration of 5 years. The event took place in our open space floor and we had over 160 participants celebrating together!

10 FSSC Pioneers (people who brought great value to the center from the beginning of the opening of the Center) where awarded a recognition certificate and some special flowers by our General Manager. It was a nice moment of recognition for them.

We had a lot of fun celebrating together with a DJ, a cotton candy and popcorn machine for everybody to have some treats.

50 vouchers from different stores/shopping centers/cinemas were awarded to 50 lucky winners.

We also had a photobooth so that everybody to have a special memory from this event

People had a lot of fun and enjoyed the music and the snacks and everybody showed great enthusiasm during the event!