Each month, we want to put the light on one employee to let them share their passion with the FSSC colleagues.

The first one to share her passion with us was Cristina Amironesei. She’s a photographer and proposed an exhibition of her art  in the Center. The pictures were exposed so all FSSC employees could appreciate her art.

We sat down with Cristina, to get to know her better:

Fun@WORK :Tell me more about you and what role you play in the FSSC?

Cristina : Starting with 10:00 AM, 9:00AM sometimes, and until 7PM(6PM) I am a billing agent (from Monday – Friday 😊). On my free time, including also the weekends, I like to fill my time with photography and from time to time I also juggle with fire (I’ve been doing that, back home, for 9 years and still counting).

Fun@WORK : What’s your background?

Cristina: I’ve finished National College Andrei Saguna, in Brasov, bilingual French and Transylvania University -Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration. I’ve been working in photo editing in Brasov for a real estate agency from Canada, and as a photographer on a cruise ship (Allure of the Seas).

Fun@WORK : Why art?

Cristina: It speaks louder than words and is a form of expression. Another reason is that I have inherited this passion for photography from my father and since I was 14 years old I am in love with it (is my corner of Heaven where I can find peace and create).

Fun@WORK : What are your predilection themes?

Cristina: Normally I will look after architectural themes, but I started to work more on people because of the multiple emotions you can capture, but my 1st love will remain architecture and fire juggling themes.

Fun@WORK : What would be your dream project?

Cristina: To travel the world and to be able to capture through my camera everyday life of the people I will meet in the big cities or villages and, as final result, to create a travel journal with stories for each place visited (more of an underground work).

Fun@WORK : Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.

Cristina: I don’t have an artist that I will like to be compared with 😊). Still working on my masterpiece and the areas I’ve chosen are so vast that is nearly impossible to pick 3 person and say, ‘I will like to be like them’.

Fun@WORK :How do you occupy your spare time outside of the FSSC?

Cristina: Well, since I’ve moved in Bucharest, at the end of October 2019, I don’t have too much time to do what I love (unfortunately, I need a day with 36h). I am trying to discover the city and surprise that in photos and have some shows with fire juggling (had 2 for now). This is extra. Normally I spend my time with my boyfriend (he is an artisan – he creates jewelries and furniture and leather stuff) and our cat, Karma 😊. We like to cook and watch movies and F1 races 😊)).