Each month, we want to put the light on one employee to let them share their passion with the FSSC colleagues.

The second one to share his passion with us was George Badina. He is passionate about old school communication methods like classic post mail. He likes the whole mail posting process, the journey that the letters take before arriving to destination.

We sat down with George, to get to know him better.

Fun@Work: Tell me more about you and what role you play at FSSC?

George:  I am George and I create beautiful mail that cheers people up:) At FSSC, I’m a billing agent that makes invoicing possible to my colleagues in Romania and Canada for the projects I handle.

At the airport, I am an aviation geek. At the recycling center, I am an activist undercover. In the park, I am a wanderer. There is so much more about each of us that are not enough words to describe it enough. That’s the beauty of everyone. An endless universe to discover.

Fun@Work: What’s your background?

George: I come from a marketing and customer service background, meaning that details and people are important to me. I work at SNC-Lavalin since more than a year and here I discovered there are different little activities besides trainings, language classes, learning events and programs. We like to add some fun to the summer days with the Fun at Work activities. I’ve always been interested in the creative side of life. Cool designs, art and sparkling glue are the spice of life, haha! Therefore, my hobby for creative letters turn into post box surprises.

Fun@Work: Why this hobby?

George: I always found fascinating how you can sneak a piece of something to someone in a whole different place, thousands of miles away. That’s snail mail. Mail that travels at the speed of a snail. The classic mail. I’ve always been an “international” person and by this, I mean someone who likes to speak to people from different places and cultures, interested about travel and the world.

I like the physicality of the message of a letter. It brings you closer to the sender and to the present. Someone took time to write, stamp, glue, seal and travel with it to the post office. Then a whole army of people made it travel and arrive to you. It’s a piece of a world, sneaked into another world. And there is so much art it can contain be it your own thoughts about something or a painting and original craft. Once, when I asked someone how he felt when he got a letter, he told me he felt important.

Claremont Graduate University recently researched what makes people feel loved. They found that small gestures in everyday life, like people supporting you without expecting anything back or showing compassion during tough times, were what participants most agreed upon as loving. Doing something creative, taking time for yourself and giving without expectations is well known to be beneficial for our balance in life.

Our inboxes are used to invoices and promotional materials, but when you see a colorful letter popping up, it’s a spark your day and makes you smile 🙂

Fun@Work: What themes do you use when you create letters?

George: I try to choose graphic themes related to postal, nature, cosmos, travel or anything that inspires me at that moment and seems interesting like glowing household objects or cactus pots, for example, haha! I also like ideas that have a big effect while taking just the right time for me.

Fun@Work: What is your dream project?

George: Actually, the workshop I held was my dream project, haha! As I found myself with enough materials to create appealing mail, I had this idea of having a workshop at a café and create an opportunity for people to send cool mail and have a lovely time. Then I’ve got the email from my colleagues in charge of Fun at Work inviting us to share our passions and I told myself Why not! We laughed a lot and I shared from the interesting facts of the postal system through a video. We crafted and it warmed my heart to see my colleagues smiling and sending mail to their friends, family or people that left a mark on them, all across the country and internationally.

Fun@Work: What’s your crafting process?

George: I just craft a beautiful letter whenever I feel like relaxing. Later on, I felt the need for a space to store my creative ideas so I created my own website. I’ve sent one-time letters everywhere, from Alaska to India and Australia, to a sick children, old people in care homes, other pals passionate about snail mail, friends and family; cheer up, fun letters or more artistic ones, with travelling postcards, thank you letters and inspiration stories. On each continent there is a letter of mine out there probably in someone’s shoe box, haha!

Fun@Work: How do you feel about having a passion?

George: I can only encourage everyone to explore something they like. You learn more than you expect. Through this activity, I am learning about graphic designers and their work, found about cool projects, people and discovered I can draw well and made many contacts around the world.

I hope you make today a good day and that your workplace is as cool as ours!